About us

Since 2008, Braintree has been about Making Business Work Better. We are not a business software business and nor are we are an IT development company. First and foremost we are business people who are passionate about unlocking the value and potential that sits dormant in many companies. Of course, new systems and IT may form part of business productivity improvements, but they are within the context of understanding the business.

Braintree provides independent advice on how a business operates as a whole, without making assumptions about pre-conceived solutions. First, we examine the challenge with the people involved, and assist them in finding new ways to work better. Inevitably, new processes are involved in the required changes and possibly new systems. 

We work with a wide range of businesses throughout New Zealand. The Braintree Way involves engaging with a company to completely understand all their operations – what they do and how they do it.  Our expertise is in asking the right questions and finding out how your business works. By actively listening and learning about your business, we are able to help. The entire business process is studied, which Braintree develops into integrated outcomes – engaging staff, improving efficiency and boosting the bottom line. 

In 2014, Braintree merged with Reboot Ltd. Prior to this we had collaborated for a number of years on making business work better. By coming together and forming one team under the Braintree banner, the businesses we work with can now access independent business focused advice and the Reboot technologies of Sybiz and Legrand CRM. 

Braintree maintains non-exclusive relationships with Sybiz and Legrand CRM, enabling continued independent business advice and best fit for desired outcomes. With our access to two substantial international communities across several business disciplines, our clients have real choice in how they invest in their business. 

When a business engages The Braintree Way, they introduce and sustainable effective changes which transforms their business. Our holistic approach addressing the needs of the business and its people simply works.

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